My Manifesto…

My first blog, what a change from the days when I was scrambling to find a pen or pencil to write in one of my numerous journals and notebooks. I guess the reason behind me wanting to start this blog and have it continue on for at least a year is because I seem to have lost my drive to scramble around finding a pen with worry because I don’t think ill be able to find one, and then I won’t be able to write. Writing has always been my go to for any of my problems emotionally it’s always been my chamomile tea so to speak, my calming solution. i always keep the image of my composition notebook filled with angry red marks from an energetic pen because that was the point in my life when I was angry all the time and, of course, I had to write it down.

So I am now asking myself again why the blog. the reason behind the blog is for me to sit down and write every single day for the next year, I stare at my laptop every day, sometimes all day so while im staring and being hypnotized, I may as well help myself to some free therapy. I would rather have something public than a small blue journal that I keep with me at all times because I have words and sentences and paragraphs that some may find to help them as well as myself. I want people to look at my blog and see that they can become accountable for their writing as I am. I want to feel accomplished in the fact that I can write every day for a year, whether it be an article or just a couple of sentences, I want to be more than school, I want to be more than my two jobs, I just want to be more.

4 thoughts on “My Manifesto…

  1. Hi! I just nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award!! I hope you accept! You can find more information on my blog post at . I can’t wait to read more of your posts! 🙂
    (I completely understand where you’re coming from. I started my blog for the same reason! I use to love writing and then I started writing more for my professors than for me and the feeling of “I have to write right now” just disappeared. Good news though! After starting this blog, I’m starting to get those moments again! I hope the same goes for you!! )

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